Tony Duwun Lee

Tony ‘Duwun’ Lee is from Darwin, and is part of the Larrakia mob. His areas of expertise include:

  • Exhibiting Artist (prints, paintings, carvings, sculpture)
  • Public Art
  • Art by commission
  • Corporate gifts
  • Healer
  • Welcome to Country presenter
  • Didgeridoo musician
  • Smoking ceremony facilitator
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Art Practice

Duwun is a painter, printmaker, carver and conceptual artist. He has worked in multiple public art projects as a designer and conceptual artist based on the meaning oftraditional artefacts and music. Duwun’s three Aboriginal bloodlines are a major influence of his work.

“Through the traditional forms of art comes healing. My basis is traditional – governed by traditional protocols – but I find ways to bring it to contemporary society. I work in all mediums including textiles, glass, silver, gold, bone, semi-precious rocks, plastics, foam, tin cans, cottonwool, compressed polystyrene.” Duwun works in all sizes, from eight metre bronze figures to fine jewellery.

“How I began creating art? On the way to school, at aged seven, I sat down with an old man by a campfire Mr Leigh. He showed me how to carve a boomerang and paint on bark with ochre. This was before the cyclone where the mob in Bagot had little huts.”

Duwun has travelled around the world, including: China, America, South Pacific, India, New Zealand, Philippines.

“My art is not the ‘Art of War’ but the ‘Art of Peacemaking’”.

Tony offers

  • Smoking Ceremonies
  • Didgeridoo & Clapstick Playing Workshops
  • Painting Workshops
  • Found Objects Workshops
  • Bamboo Sculpural Weaving Workshops
  • String Jewellery Workshops
  • Stencil Printing Workshops
  • Meetings & General Consultancy & Naming Rights Consultancy
  • Healing Workshops


  • “Working with the crew from Turtleback has been an absolute pleasure. These are talented, generous people with fascinating stories to share. I’ve booked their services from everything to International conferences to small school events. Their easy communication and reliability is MUCH appreciated.”

    Megan Hills The Creative Ingredient


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