Slyvia Nulpinditj

Both of Sylvia’s parents were responsible for teaching her culture. Sylvia is from the Galpu clan and recognised as a traditional artist by a variety of clan groups in north Arnhem Land. She is particularly respected in the area of painting women for ceremony and especially young girls. Sylvia enjoys sharing and teaching culture, “I can’t help but share!” she says with a smile. Sylvia hopes, through sharing, that there will be a greater understanding of importance of culture – and for others to embrace it. She is also experienced in filmmaking – known for writing and directing the films: ‘Bulunu Milkarri’ and ‘Djurrpun (Evening Star)’.

Slyvia offers:

  • Aboriginal Female Dance Performance
  • Artist Demonstration – Painting
  • Artist Demonstration – Basket Weaving
  • Clapstick Painting & Playing Workshops
  • Aboriginal Painting Workshops
  • Basket Weaving Workshops
  • Aboriginal Dance Workshops
  • Meetings & General Consultancy
  • Public Art Projects


  • “Working with the crew from Turtleback has been an absolute pleasure. These are talented, generous people with fascinating stories to share. I’ve booked their services from everything to International conferences to small school events. Their easy communication and reliability is MUCH appreciated.”

    Megan Hills The Creative Ingredient


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