Robbie Mills

Robbie Patj Patj Mills was born Larrakia, Kungarakan, Mayali, Yangman, Jawoyn, Gurrinji (tribal language groups of Northern Australia). He is an owner/custodian of Aboriginal Lands in the Northern Territory.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist
  • Storyteller
  • Aboriginal cultural tours/experiences

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Robert Mills Junior is Robbie Mills’ son. ‘Junior’, plays bass for Robbie Mills and The Collective but has also emerged as a significantly talented didgeridoo player. Junior played with his father at the opening of the 2015 Pacific Asia Indigenous Tourism & Trade Conference in Vancouver.



“As an Aboriginal, I inherit the culture of all four of my grandparents,” Robbie Mills explains. “This determined my ‘Pombah’ which means track or path that I was to walk in life. You are expected to learn about your grand parents culture to help you make sense of yourself and why you feel and act the way you do. I was born into culture and my responsibilities began when I was a child. This meant learning language, songs and stories associated with country as well as the universe.”



“People often describe my music as ‘eclectic’”, Robbie Mills says. “We have been known to play a wide variety of genres. I also have been influenced by traditional Aboriginal music. I try to blend all these feels into a contemporary form.”

As part of the reputed Robert Mills & The Collective band, Robbie Mills plays with musician Brendan Hicks (who is close to the Larrakia community and works for Larrakia Nation’s Community Services) and a mix of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal musicians. The band has produced three albums and performed across the country.

Robbie offers his music as:

  • A soloist
  • Duo
  • Ensemble, including traditional Aboriginal instruments:
    Kenbi (didjeridoo) and Dil Dil Mah (clapping sticks)
  • Big Band


  • “Working with the crew from Turtleback has been an absolute pleasure. These are talented, generous people with fascinating stories to share. I’ve booked their services from everything to International conferences to small school events. Their easy communication and reliability is MUCH appreciated.”

    Megan Hills The Creative Ingredient


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