Clinton was taught painting from his father when he was a teenager. As he grew older, Clinton began to understand that the best way to connect to his Country is to paint. And the best way to ‘talk’ about his homeland is through showing his paintings. Clinton often paints his main totem is ‘Birrkuda’ (Sugar Bag Honey Bee). “Birrkuda is me,” Clinton explains. Painting culture earns respect in community, particularly amongst the Elders. Clinton also sings the song lines about the bee, and with his group dances like a bee, embodying the characteristics of the bee. “When it stings we show that through fire,” says Clinton.

CLINTON offers:

  • Aboriginal Male Dance Performance
  • Artist Demonstration – Painting
  • Clapstick Painting & Playing Workshops
  • Aboriginal Painting Workshops
  • Aboriginal Dance Workshops
  • Meetings & General Consultancy
  • Public Art Projects


  • “Working with the crew from Turtleback has been an absolute pleasure. These are talented, generous people with fascinating stories to share. I’ve booked their services from everything to International conferences to small school events. Their easy communication and reliability is MUCH appreciated.”

    Megan Hills The Creative Ingredient


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