Turtleback Cultural Services

Based in Darwin, Turtleback Cultural Services brings together a group of authentic Aboriginal cultural talent offering experiences and creations to deepen understanding of Aboriginal culture and to be inspired by it. Turtleback is also focused on enhancing the happiness and wellbeing of Aboriginal people through its services and projects – particularly reinforcing a positive identity and direction for Aboriginal youth today.

The ‘turtleback’ symbolises a group moving deliberately forward. The group together (the shell) protects the spirit (the turtle).

How to Enjoy Turtleback

If you have a group then tap into our Aboriginal experiences, such as: workshops, dance performance, music and presenters (smoking ceremony, cultural training, healing) – see our services and talent. We have skilled, knowledgeable artists ready to create by commission. And a digital design store where you can download existing digital images of Aboriginal designs for a fee (conditions apply).


Turtleback was created for many reasons. The main reason is to assist in the maintenance of Aboriginal culture through the sharing of it, where appropriate. Aboriginal culture is relevant and important not just to Aboriginals, but to all people.


Why is this culture relevant and important?

Because both Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people are losing connection. Or have lost it already. What connection are we talking about? Connection to Country, connection to each other, and connection to themselves – to who they really are. The rates of depression and anxiety in Western society tell us much about this. Aboriginal culture can assist in the bringing about good health and sense of peace in the most powerful of ways. How? By sharing methods to connect to all nature, all living things, and also to one’s self. Methods we have known for thousands of years. And we can have fun doing this, too.


The importance of our young ones

You might be surprised to hear this, but what is most on our mind when we think of sharing culture is youth suicide. Our young Aboriginal people are taking their own lives in rates never seen before – and are significantly higher than those of non-Aboriginal youth. Suicide was not known in Aboriginal culture prior to invasion. Past and current trauma are key causes, as well as appalling living conditions for some. Through the sharing of our culture to Aboriginal youth, they find an identity they can be proud of. They find strength and purpose. They may even become an Aboriginal cultural entrepreneur, sharing culture with others for a living. A real living.


Lifting your spirit

Turtleback offers creative workshops to be involved in, performances to be inspired by and cultural information to enlighten your mind and heart. We also raise awareness and smiles through our public art projects, and artworks, digital designs and hand-crafted gifts. Everything we create and do comes with an unspoken – but very powerful – message of respect and peace. Enjoy

Our Team

  • TONY ‘DUWUN’ LEE Director & Artist

    Tony ‘Duwun’ Lee is a Larrakia man, a traditional owner of the Darwin region. Duwun is an aboriginal artist, healer, workshop facilitator and project manager.
    Read more about Tony

    JOANNE WALTERS Business Development Manager

    Joanne has a long history in working with creative talent in the Northern Territory and beyond. She has worked with developing and promoting some of the Territory’s best loved brands.


  • “Working with the crew from Turtleback has been an absolute pleasure. These are talented, generous people with fascinating stories to share. I’ve booked their services from everything to International conferences to small school events. Their easy communication and reliability is MUCH appreciated.”

    Megan Hills The Creative Ingredient


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